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Storage Rules

I hope that the following tips will allow you to enjoy the taste and aroma of our sausages as long as possible, which I wish you and myself

The good condition of our ripening dried and smoked sausages depends on many factors.
To keep them fresh as long as possible, it is needed to treat them properly.

What should you do? First of all, dry the sausage!

After removing the sausage from the packaging, first of all it must be dried immediately. It is necessary to hang it in such a way that it does not touch other cold cuts. The ideal solution is to place it in a ventilated place at room temperature, e.g. in a pantry or near a window. In the first drying phase, we recommend that the window be unsealed so that the sausage blows with fresh air. Thanks to this, the sausage will reach its optimum humidity faster.

The process of ripening cured meat can also take place in the refrigerator.

Most often, we recommend doing this with smoked meats and sausages. We suggest putting them on a paper towel. Its task is to collect excess moisture. Remember that the sausages should lie in the fridge in such a way that they do not come into contact with each other, with other food, and do not touch the shelves and walls of the fridge. This method of storage is also a good patent purity, because the coating will flake off. Please make sure that the air circulation around the sausage is as large as possible and let the sausages lie as loosely as possible. We do not recommend covering the sausages, or worse, closing them in their packaging.

We emphasize again that when storing sausages, pay special attention to humidity. The surface of the sausages, stored in proper conditions, should become dry.

What are the most common mistakes when storing cold meats?

  • the sausage is in the fridge with other products without unpacking;
  • the products have been covered or enclosed in a packaging;
  •  adequate air circulation is not provided for the products;
  •  sausages were hung in a very humid space;
  • the sausage touched other cold cuts.



Never put cold meat wrapped in paper, cloth or a paper towel into the fridge. Lack of air is not good for them. They can become covered with mold. Especially dried cured meats.


Take the cold meats out of the packaging before putting them into the fridge. Never leave them in an open VAC bag or wrapped in paper in the fridge- it threatens a culinary catastrophe.


Dried cured meats shouldn’t be hanged in very humid place out. They are thirsty for water, so at every opportunity they will look for even the smallest amount.


Provide them with appropriate air circulation. Let them breathe easily.Dried cured meats that you leave out of the fridge, hang by the window. Dried cured meats that you keep in the fridge should have a separate plate.


Check the hermetic packaging of the cold meat. This information applies especially to products that you store for a long time. If the packaging is unsealed, be sure to unpack the sausage. If the packaging is unsealed, unpack the cold meat from it.


Cold meats shouldn’t touch other food or the fridge shelves. Those that are drying up outside the fridge shouldn’t touch any furniture


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