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Dried Ripened Meats

Products formed from the most perfect pieces of meat. They ripen immersed in perfectly composed mixtures of herbs to achieve an exceptional taste. 

Wołowina Jarla

Air-Dried Ripened Beef
A mythical Scandinavian legend spreads undefined pleasure.

Wołowina Hebe

Air-Dried Ripened Beef
The beauty of the perfect taste of ripening beef.

Kaczka Mazurska

Air-Dried Ripened Duck Breast
Amazingly delicious wildness, that makes you feel romantic dizzy.

Kiełbasa Oschła

Air-Dried Ripened Raw Sausage
An admirable noble portion of maturing food.


Air-Dried Ripened Pork Ham
A refreshing note for determined seekers of ethereal flavors.

Schab Szlachecki

Nobility’s Air-Dried Ripened Pork Loin
Real sweetness wrapped in a sublime hint of spiciness.

Polędwiczka Borowa

Air-Dried Ripened Tenderloin
A storm of intense flavors and aromas. It is breathtaking.

Kąsek Żebrowy

Morsel of Air-Dried Ripened Pork
Rediscovered to captivate and bewitch insanely.

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Traditional cold cuts

The traditional taste of our cold meat will take you back to your childhood years. We close history and memories in their taste and we want to share them with you.


Smoked Ripened Cured Meats
Air-Dried Ripened Cured Meats
Smoked Cured Meats
Smoked Sausages
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