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Questions and Answers

Below are the answers to frequently asked questions. If your questions are not answered here please use the contact form.

Where is the price list?

We send the price list of our products by email to every customer’s request.

What should you do ? First of all, dry the sausage!

After removing the sausage from the packaging, first of all it must be dried immediately. It is necessary to hang it in such a way that it does not touch other cold cuts. The ideal solution is to place it in a ventilated place at room temperature, e.g. in a pantry or near a window. In the first drying phase, we recommend that the window be unsealed so that the sausage blows with fresh air. Thanks to this, the sausage will reach its optimum humidity faster.

The process of ripening cured meat can also take place in the refrigerator.
Most often, we recommend doing this with smoked meats and sausages. We suggest putting them on a paper towel. Its task is to collect excess moisture. Remember that the sausages should lie in the fridge in such a way that they do not come into contact with each other, with other food, and do not touch the shelves and walls of the fridge. This method of storage is also a good patent purity, because the coating will flake off. Please make sure that the air circulation around the sausage is as large as possible and let the sausages lie as loosely as possible. We do not recommend covering the sausages, or worse, closing them in their packaging.

The lower it is, the longer the products mature. This, in turn, has a very positive effect on the taste qualities of cured meat. Their taste becomes more exquisite.
We emphasize again that when storing sausages, pay special attention to humidity. The surface of the sausages, stored in proper conditions, should become dry.

White coating. What is this and how to deal with it?
During the ripening of cured meat, dry white coating may appear on their surface. This is called “Frosting” – a natural phenomenon that arises under specific conditions. During the ripening of cured meat, salt forms, which creates a characteristic white coating. It is safe for health and it does not affect the taste of products.
How to get rid of the coating?
The fastest and easiest way to get rid of the coating is to wipe the sausage with a cloth soaked in oil. In addition, it will close the pores of the sausage, which will significantly slow down the drying process.
How to preserve the perfect taste of cold meat?
After drying and with proper storage of cold meat comes the moment when it is properly dried and reaches the desired taste. This is an ideal moment to slow down further maturation process. So we come back to the topic of oil-soaked cloth. This technique can also be successfully used to inhibit the maturation process – this does not apply only to cases of “frost”.

It is worth wiping cold cuts with oil almost every time. Especially when she is in good shape. Thanks to this, the closed pores in the sausage will be resistant to further drying, and the optimal humidity will allow you to derive the greatest satisfaction from the taste.

What are the most common mistakes when storing cold meats?

– the sausage is in the fridge with other products without unpacking;
– the products have been covered or enclosed in a packaging;
– adequate air circulation is not provided for the products;
– sausages were hung in a very humid space;
– the sausage touched other cold cuts.

Where does the meat of Taste's products come from?

Bastion Smaku purchases from the best certified raw material producer in Masuria province. Each batch of meat has a quality certificate. Meat, thanks to which our products are so exquisite, is also used in the best hotels and restaurants through all Europe.

What constitutes the highest quality of our meat?

Important elements guaranteeing the highest quality of meat is that it comes from a special breeding line of the Great White Polish pig. It is extremely appreciated by producers. The meat is subject to a strict selection process. Qualified butchers also play a very important role in the entire production process. Its task is cutting and qualitative assessment of the raw material. It should be emphasized that meat, the quality of which does not meet our expectations, returns to the supplier. The raw material from which the Bastion Smaku products are made is identified by the Commercial Identification Document (HDI). Thanks to it, meat turnover is regulated and serves to confirm its quality in accordance with EU requirements. The meat supplier meets the HACCP standards, i.e. the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System. Bastion Smaku is also subject to veterinary supervision and meets all sanitary requirements.

Under what conditions and how long purchases are transported to the customer?

Courier delivery

We carry out orders with door-to-door delivery in cooperation with a courier company. We have a partnership agreement that obliges our forwarder to deliver parcels within 96 hours. Shipping is well planned and organized safely for products. After passing the internal and final quality control of Bastion Smaku, the finished products are transferred to packing in tight thermally insulated boxes together with refrigeration cartridges. In addition, the products are hermetically sealed, so that – on the opening day of the individual packaging – they are always fresh. The ready parcels are forwarded to the forwarder at the designated evening time so that they can be delivered the few days and please our members.

Important note
Dried and smoked cured meats should be unpacked on the first day after picking up the package. Hermetic closing of cured meat stops their natural drying process. Cold cuts – on the day of shipment – have just finished their technological process and require “rest”. Everything to make the most of your taste sensations.

Why do you pay more for cured Bastion Smaku than store cured meat?

Products of Bastion Smaku is unusual and exquisite. Thanks to the highest quality raw material and refined herbal blends that we compose ourselves. We must emphasize that from 1 kg of pork, on average, 0.6 kg of finished product is made. The production cycle lasts 2 weeks. It is planned in detail so that the taste of cured meat is always unique. In our products you will not find chemicals and food additives that are supposed to increase the weight of products and extend their shelf life. Thanks to the innovative production technology and the appropriate selection of certified herbs and spices, we extract the best from meat. Maintaining the highest quality and unique taste is our priority. However, we are still looking for further inspiration to create even more magnificent products.

Our aim is not to compete with cold cuts that are on store shelves. Bastion Smaku products are chosen by conscious recipients – taste connoisseurs.

Are Bastion Smaku products in continuous sale?

No. We prepare our cold cuts and other specialties to order. The collection date is several days in advance and we presented it in the production plan.
To maintain the highest quality of products, we have created an excellent production cycle. Thanks to this, we are refining products to perfection so that each of them is of the highest quality and in this form reaches our customers.
Maintaining high quality of cold cuts is conditioned by a well-planned production volume. We are aware that our customers are special, which is why we set an upper, safe production limit. Knowing the amount of ordered meats, we are able to meet the needs of the greatest taste connoisseurs. We are also not worried about warehouse surpluses, because we do not have them.
We follow our brand policy and health philosophy, which excludes the possibility of finding our products behind store counters.

What the Bastion Smaku Club is and what should you do to belong to it?

Our customers were looking for a place where they could buy exclusive cold meat, unfortunately, it is very rare on the european market, but Bastion Smaku Club is just such a place.
Bastion Smaku Club is a “closed” zone to which we invite consciously buyers. In practice, it is a place to meet, exchange opinions and share knowledge about important things and places. A place at your fingertips, in which everything that is personal is covered by total privacy.
To join the club, first at all you should buy Welcome Package to tasting all of our products. After tasting, you simply join the Bastion Smaku Club and enjoy the taste of our products whenever you want.

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Traditional cold cuts

The traditional taste of our cold meat will take you back to your childhood years. We close history and memories in their taste and we want to share them with you.


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