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Our passion made us discover a method of extracting one hundred percent meat flavor. Inspired by tradition and fascinated by modern technology, we create specialties worth remembering.


The production technology of our cured meat involves closely defined processes. We have divided it into several stages (from placing orders to picking them up). Thanks to that, we have created an optimal production plan. Rarely does one realize that already at the time of placing the order, we start the “production machine”. Let’s start from the beginning, i.e. savouring.

During the culinary meetings that we organize in our manufacturing company (or in various places in the country) we begin the first stage of production. That’s when we take you on a journey to our world of cold meats and reveal the secret of creating exciting flavors. By tasting the products, you already become members of the Taste Bastion Club – the only gate that allows you to buy cured meats. When you place orders in our e-shop, we receive precise information about what kind of cured meat we should create. We know what specific amount of raw material we need for each individual production. 

Next, we begin the second stage of production. Then we analyze orders and order raw material from our certified manufacturer.

Immediately after cutting (which takes place at night), the supplier packs, certifies selected batches of the highest quality meat, and then delivers them to our factory in the morning. On the same day, we start forming, which means we move to the third stage of production.

We give muscles the right shape and size, using only the work of our own hands. We select pieces for making sausages and prepare raw material for our specialties. Along with the formation of sausages, we manually prepare – suitable for each product – mixtures of spices, plants and herbs that form the so-called balms. They are used to wrap individual pieces of meat, abundantly macerating them “dry”. At this point, we must emphasize one very important thing, which – from the point of view of the highest quality products – is crucial.

From the moment of cutting the raw material batch by the producer, delivering it to our production plant, processing and molding, until the maceration of future cold cuts, only a few hours of the first day pass.

“Embalming” begins the fourth stage of production, which we call maturing.

This is a very important stage. It requires time and proper arrangement of products. These are the times when the meat absorbs every tiniest ingredient of precious spices, herbs and plants. That’s when the composition of the basic base of flavors and aromas follows, which we refine during smoking – the fifth stage of production.

On the right day, at the right time, not sooner and not later, we start smoking. It lasts several days. During this time, we transport our cold cuts several times and alternately to heated aromatic smoke and fresh controlled air. We carefully care for the moment when the proper temperature of cold cuts is reached, which is the signal for their rest. It is necessary to take them for the next smoke bath. Yes, in well-defined cycles for individual types of sausages, they acquire the aroma.

The species of barked trees that we use for smoking are also carefully matched and selected. After smoking, we transport the delicacies to a special place where the last – the sixth stage – begins to rest. Then they acquire their characteristic colors, taste and aroma and wait for collection.
Each production day takes place according to a specific plan. Everything has its time and place. Nobody rushes anyone, nobody tries to accelerate anything.

Well-planned production is one of the guarantees of success. In addition to exploring knowledge in the field of meat processing, we constantly learn how to properly compose spices, herbs and plants; how to comprehensively plan sales and, above all, how to make the message of the Bastion of Taste reach as many people as possible.

We are bound by an unwritten agreement with our club members regarding the continuous improvement of our cold meat . That is why we are constantly looking for the best technological solutions and we buy herbs from the farthest corners of the world. We are looking for and creating new flavors to present them during our savorings.

Bastion Smaku was created out of passion. From the passion for exceptional people, for healthy eating, and from the passion for herbs and plants, which… are unique by nature.

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The traditional taste of our cold meat will take you back to your childhood years. We close history and memories in their taste and we want to share them with you.


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