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Club Member Bastion Smaku

There are places whose climate evokes fascinations. There are people who captivate stories. There are flavors that take on personality. We invite you to the Bastion Smaku Club – a fascinating place with stories of unusual personalities.

A straw worthy for taste and strong for the body.

Paraphrasing words taken from The Prussian Chef, we encourage you to leave behind any thoughts of overseas delicacies and dainties fit for socialites. Our club welcomes you with a wholesome fare fit for the palate and the body. This volume of ancient recipes has been written down so that time would not efface the memory of flavors wafted by the primeval forests and all elements that welcoming nation worship.

To hear about all this, simply join the Bastion Smaku Club – an elite place, bringing together people who consciously buy.

The club is also a place for educational workshops and tastings, during which we discuss, among others principles of proper handling of our sausages, we reveal the secrets of food storage and share insights on various topics.

What are the advantages of being a member of Bastion Smaku Buyers Club?

First of all, only Bastion Buyers Club members are able to purchase our products. It is not possible for no -members to access our web portal and place order.

Membership in the Club means access to the highest quality cold cuts and the option of buying them with door-to-door delivery. It is also a privilege to contact Master Jacek Lomzynski, who regularly informs about planned orders and provides access to all production dates.

Master Jacek provides advice on all matters related to Bastion Smaku products, especially on topics related to ripening products, the use of plants, herbs and spices, and regarding the proper storage of sausages.

Order Welcome Package

Order for a tasting and we`ll arrange the rest!

We encourage you to find out the answers to frequently asked questions.

Traditional cold cuts

The traditional taste of our cold meat will take you back to your childhood years. We close history and memories in their taste and we want to share them with you.


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Dried Ripened Meats
Smoked Meats
Smoked Sausages
Specialties of Bastion Smaku

Contact Us

Bastion Smaku Sp. z o.o.

Ruś 2, 10-687 Olsztyn, Poland
Phone: +48 601 428 149
E-mail: shop@bastionsmaku.com

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